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I often feel that we're all spinning slowly... like a mirror ball. Yes, we are all mirrors to each other. And so, it is the Light between us that I hope to help reveal and celebrate. /// J'ai souvent l'impression que nous sommes une boule disco qui tourne lentement. Nous sommes tous des miroirs pour les uns les autres. C'est donc la lumière qu'il y a entre nous que j'espère contribuer à souligner et à célébrer.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

some of my dreams

I'm floating on a dozen winds, whirl-winding, 
some of my dreams show me how
I can feel free
part of a collective dream,
that of a team,
for a common project:
fighting for the right
to keep playing,
to keep dancing
Some of my dreams
show me smiling